My mom always says ‘education is no load’ and it’s true.  The more we learn about our thinking and our behaviour, the easier it is to make sense of why we are the way we are and why we do what we do and then, figure out how we can change!

Learning keeps our brains active and our mentality young.  In my experience, if we learn to pay attention to what we are thinking, we can begin to encourage ourselves and start thinking more positively. We can begin to let go of past hurts or future anxieties and focus on achieving our personal goals.  Those goals may be to stop smoking, accept a bereavement, become less of a worrier, lose weight, accept life changes, get married – whatever your goal may be, learning positive  ways of thinking and acting ultimately helps us to make progress in our lives.

Having been involved with the education sector at each level and also working as a tutor on adult education courses I have a love of education – I am passionate about the acquisition and dissipation of knowledge.  In other words – if I learn something, I share that knowledge.  I devise and deliver training courses and workshops on a variety of wellbeing topics.

For parents, my workshops and talks (for secondary and primary levels) take account of difficulties faced by today’s parents and include topics such as the transition from child to pre-teen and adolescent; technology; sex and sexuality; helping your child manage feelings; improving self-esteem; parenting tips; how to avoid conflict and nurturing harmony in the home.

Training and workshops for teachers of primary and secondary schools include skills that are easily transferrable from teacher to children in the classroom.  “Hands Up Who Wants to Be Happy” is a training course I designed for teachers which reinforces the importance of teacher self-care and positive wellbeing (sanctioned by the Dept of Ed).  Understanding and managing emotions; controlling what we can control; improving workplace relations; finding balance; how to be more positive; relaxation skills and each module can each be delivered as a standalone workshop.

Myself and John Lonergan (former Governor of Mountjoy) co-present an entertaining talk entitled “Parenting – The Challenges and The Rewards”.   This is aimed at all carers and parents and although it is delivered as an evening’s entertainment the messages are vital for successful parenting.  John and I also co-present a talk entitled “How to be Happy and Content” which is suitable for adults, everywhere.  We deliver this talk in the community and also at conferences and workplaces – it’s relevant to all because who doesn’t want to be happy or content? Our mission is to have people leave our talks feeling happy and with a spring in their step.




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The more we learn especially about ourselves, our thinking and our bodies then the easier it is to understand why we are the way we are...


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