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Specifically designed and tailored workshops or talks to suit your corporate wellbeing needs. Duration and content created for you and your staff. We will ensure your learning experience is positive, relevant, practical and beneficial.

Corporate Talks, Workshops and Training topics include:

  • Psychology In Everyday Business
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Stress Management / Sleep Well
  • How To Motivate And Stay Motivated
  • Self-Development
  • Increasing Workplace Positivity
  • Managing Emotions (e.g. Stress / Anxiety / Worry)
  • Conflict – How To Improve Relations
  • Workplace Wellbeing – What It Is & How We Can Safeguard It
  • Finding Balance In Our Lives
  • How To Be Happy And Content

A happy workforce is more productive, willing to work harder, loyal, and more likely to remain with your organisation, which benefits company finances.  One of the easiest ways to demonstrate to your staff that you care about them and are interested in their wellbeing is to provide workplace training, workshops or talks.  These can be once-off or modular with each tailored to your requirements.

Staff learn something about themselves and take away newly-acquired skills and alternate perspectives, relevant and applicable for each facet of life.  Whether at home or work, it’s essential to know how to sleep well and to manage emotions, reactions and stress levels, stop comparing and criticising, enjoy relationships with people around us, feel content and happy etc.

Caroline Crotty BSocSc, MA, MScPsych, MPsychSci provides training, workshops and talks to, or on behalf of pharma; Department of Education; VEC; Libraries; sports organisations; local development companies; teachers and adult education providers; FÁS; Department of Psychiatry; NGO’s etc.


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