I attended several corporate training events and I’m thinking “this is a waste of my time” or “I could be doing X, Y or Z right now instead of being here”. I am wholly aware of how valuable our time is and how disappointing it can be not to receive the training you were expecting. Therefore, when you attend one of my courses, workshops or talks it is specifically designed and tailored to suit your corporate wellbeing needs.  Duration and content suit you and your staff. The objective is always to try to ensure your learning experience is positive, relevant, practical and beneficial – without ever feeling as though you are wasting your valuable time.

Corporate Talks, Workshops and Training topics include:

Psychology In Everyday Business

Effective Communication Skills

How To Motivate And Stay Motivated


Increasing Workplace Positivity

Managing Our Emotions (e.g. Stress / Anxiety / Worry)

Conflict In Our Lives – How To Improve Our Relations

Workplace Wellbeing and Wellness – What It Is And How We Can Safeguard It

Finding Balance In Our Lives

How To Be Happy And Content

If you are considering providing your staff with training or wish to reward them in some way for the great work they are doing then please contact me.  You and I will decide the key messages you wish to promote – it may be that you wish to help staff manage stress or be more positive or improve workplace relations and/or communication but whatever you wish your staff to learn, I am here to help facilitate you in delivering your message to your workforce.

We know that a happy workforce is more productive, willing to work harder, is loyal and more likely to remain with your organisation – each of which ultimately saves your company finances.  One of the easiest ways to demonstrate to your staff that you care about them and are interested in their wellbeing is to provide workplace training, workshops or talks.  These can be once off or modular – that is entirely your decision and I tailor each to your needs.

I provide workshops and training with a difference because staff learn something about themselves and take away newly-acquired skills and alternate perspectives, relevant and applicable throughout each facet of life.  Whether we are at home or at work we need to know how to manage our emotions, sleep better, be less critical, have positive relations with those around us, feel content and happy in our own skin etc.

My work experience is varied having provided training, workshops and talks to or on behalf of pharma; legal professionals; Department of Education; VEC; Libraries; Schools (primary and secondary); adult education providers; FÁS; Department of Psychiatry; NGO’s etc.




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If you are considering providing your staff with training then please contact me. After speaking with me on the phone, I will attend at your premises to ascertain what...

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